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The trilogies project is a way to tell a story with Music but break free from the 3 minutes songs jail. Set the value of this


This Album is my REVOLUTION

Why? For starters, I have finally managed to overcome my fear of making you mad at me for telling you how I really feel. Secondly, I finally recorded some songs in English, something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. And last but , YOU have to choose YOUR way with me. So…

This Album is practically FREE! Nonetheless I do want you in the position in which people find themselves after running into me, by chance, in my favorite Venue in the whole wide world – THE STREET! I believe that whoever has got a computer at home is probably able to "give-up" at least 1 small coin for someone like me, from time to time. So, let your heart and mind choose whether you’d like to support what I do and why. After all, free-choice is very important in this world.

For Life, for Music and for Joy

1. One Blue
One Blue
one case of you
At least memory
is not a feeling
not a feeling
Or something
you can bring or do
One Blue
one case of you
The memory of you
Brings out sometimes a smile
Sometimes I wish to glue it
to the tile
And keep on walking
Oh’ keep on walking
Keep on walking
To where you collect
some new ones
To forget
some new ones and adapt
To the same situation
They keep on piling up
Oh’ meaningful adventures
Oh’ meaningful adventures
Can only live each one once
One Blue, one case of you
2. I Do

I do what I do
like I am alone
That’s what you said
before we went to bed
The first time
I wish I knew
That’s what I
love about you
But I stayed on my side

I need what I need is
my way to check
It always fails me
always bails me
And that’s why I am alone
With perfect dreams of two
And right by the book
So I wouldn’t have to work
While I cry on my side

I miss how you kiss
when you are away
I know it is my turn to wait
For you to open your gate
But still I got to tell you
how I feel
I wish
this doesn’t end here

So let’s try
o find the line
On which we could slowly
walk and feel free
To look
beyond the book baby
This doesn’t end here
This doesn’t end here
No, no, no, no
This doesn’t end here
This ends here

3. Take a Lake

Take a Lake and
fill it with your dreams
The swimming part is easy
After you make the first move
and jump right in
Loose the cruise of
swimming in the ocean
When the time is right
you’ll know
For now
work on your devotion

Crashing into walls
walking through wide halls
I’ve done that for years
Throw the first ball
no more nothing or all
I’m ready to go now
and with all of my fears
I’m ready to go

Forbidden Fruit
She wants to sing
In a place where the public
Sanctifies her splendor
Instead of forbidding it.
Forbidden! Forbidden!Fearing the desires
That accompany creation,
They inject her with tradition
That has in it no permission.
Only forbidden! Forbidden!

I want to drip
But am afraid of wasting water,
That’s the way it is here,
Every drop is painful.
The guilt is metaphoric,
The camps are divided,
I want to let go
But I am merely a pig.

According to the Law,
When my master comes
I’m forbidden! Forbidden!

If I’m to take delight
You might just have to wait,
If you have to ask me why
You’ve never known a woman.

Few of our pious superiors
Waste much respect or honor
On us, their inferiors,
Who honor and respect them.

Translation from Arabic:
It’s impossible to stop the anger.
One can only temporarily repress, oppress and lie,
Extort, persuade and conquer.
Only temporarily…
My soul dies between checkpoints and fences
And it will no longer be possible to stop me!

According to the Law,
When my master comes
I’m forbidden! Forbidden!

I Deserve It
The Frenchman told me then that in year 2010 I would be a star.
Only then I didn’t know that my body was anti
What my soul desired.
The Israeli knows the truth about home,
The defects of the language,
Where I’m coming from and why I’m saying
That I deserve it.
I deserve it! I deserve it!
Fifty said they loved me
Because that’s what I wanted to hear.
Two hundred more would have come
Had I agreed to keep submitting
To the rusty reflection of my hand beating
On doors disqualified in advance.
The one who puts up a tent
Is willing to die for the message.
The ones who visit
Exist on the fine line
Between will and action,
Between have and have not,
Between reality and commentary.
I deserve it! I deserve it!

Why Not
From now on it will be hard to stop me.
I feel it deep in my bones.
Anger has been converted into an instrument
Of opinions, questions, truths, time.
Now, too, it will be hard to prophesy.
Guessing is not easy.
Anger will be converted to choice
And we will be together, why not?
From now on it will be hard to stop me.
I feel it deep in my pants.
Fear has been converted to a well of desire
Versus hope versus craving for water.
From now on insulation will be impossible.
[Not easy]
Fear will convert its blood into generosity
And we will be together, why not?
Translation from Arabic:
And now what will I do with my anger?
Sometimes it walks by my side, sometimes in my soul.
Sometimes it takes to the sky
And from time to time it dissolves into air.
It has hope
To be without sorrow,
Perhaps hope,
Perhaps foolishness.
What will I do with my anger??
From now on it will be hard to stop me.
I feel it all around.
Jealousy has converted its faith to love
And begun to sing.

Joseph E-Shine // Music production, recording, mix and playing most of the instruments
Ido Gur // trumpet
Yoni Levi // Graphic desine
Avi Duek // Photo
Anat Hadid and Yazeed Hadid // One verse in the song "Why Not?"
Shredy Jabarin // one verse in the song "Forbidden fruit"
Anat Hadid // Voc in "Forbidden fruit" & "Why Not?"
Tamar Capsouto // Voc, Guitar & Harmonica

Product information
You are getting: 6 songs in Mp3 files, 6 files with lyrics and translations + A Bonus Song. "Know What For" is a project of trilogies. The first trilogy consists of 3 songs I wrote in order to deal with a heart break I experienced a few years back; the second trilogy consists of 3 Hebrew songs written especially for the day to day Israeli; the third, 3 beautiful songs written by others, which I can’t sell and you can’t buy; but you can listen to them on YouTubeAnyway, now that I know what for, I tend to create many trilogies and to offer them as a reflection of the environment in which I live.

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