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You can have me in many forms, because there is nothing I love more than cooporating with new beutiful artists, anywhere I go. So, here are some Ideas of shows you can bring to your city. Needless to say that once we talk about all details, we will make sure to make special translation to any language required, so you can be a part even when I sing in Hebrew. kapish? 

1. Solo or Duet “looping” Show + Photographer + A big screen with beautiful, interesting art/Idea
2. “Capsouto Hosts”: 2-4 Israeli musicians,1 other artist + myself + a Camera man
3. “Capsouto Hosts only girls”: 2-4 Israeli musicians,1 other artist + myself + a Camera man
4. “Capsouto Hosts worldwide”: 3 Local professional musicians (from your country) + myself + a Camera man
5. Show + Talk + Photographer + A big screen showing something beautiful
6. Warm up show. That goes out to only well known singers/bands that I would feel proud to get there audience ready for them.
7. A house concert, unpluged.
8-100. Ninety three more options I can make up as we go along. Do you have one?
Well, I am not a “fix price girl” so this really depends on the situation, time of year, who is inviting me and so on. So… Write us a message and we’ll figure it out.

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